In chef training, there are all these rules about how to hold your knife.

"Don’t put your finger over the blade."

"Move forward on the handle and pinch."

"Use a claw grip."

What if the knife put your hands in the correct place to start?

Wouldn't a knife be better if it gave you control and strength? If it put your wrist at a natural angle? You could have a convenient place to safely hold the blade. You wouldn’t need rules because the way the knife sat in your hand would already be the most effective. 

That’s what LB Cutlery is making. Knives that make sense to your hands.

We're a small company in Long Beach California. We started this project after finding that the knives we could buy just didn't really work the way we wanted. So we started on a long journey of endless prototyping and trying to find capable manufacturers. The results are what we offer here on this site.

Today we do our own designing and engineering and we're proud to offer quality knives to our customers. The products we sell are the products we use every day. We hope you like them too!

 - Jon (Founder of LB Cutlery)