XK1 Chef Knife

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This is a go-to knife that can do almost everything in the kitchen. It has a long blade but positions your hand close to the front of it. You get the capacity to make big cuts, but with a comfortable forward handle, you can do precise cutting too. The handle is designed for both a whole-handle grip and pinching the top of the blade.

The XK1 will become your favorite knife for almost everything. It works for separating and cleaning chicken just as well as chopping onions and potatoes (whole blade stuff). It even works for separating the spines out of kale leaves and halving cherry tomatoes (tip only stuff).

What does it do for you?
  • Ergonomically comfortable wrist angle and weight balance.
  • Encourages a pinch grip for control
  • Large blade with short distance to the point (chef size, precision control)
  • Handle position engages the weight of your forearm for extra strength

What's in the Box?

  • XK1 Chef knife
  • Acacia wood custom knife block